The artist Georgia recently announced a remix competition and this is my contribution. It was quite a challenge to work with someone else’s ideas but just as rewarding. I hope you enjoy 🙂

The picture was taken by me, and Lillie Marie Schou Ovesen
graciously allowed me to put her on the cover.

The graphical work on the cover was done by Alen Domazet.

Initially I hadn’t heard of Georgia before the Soundcloud app notified me that she’d launched a remix competition. I went and downloaded the material she’d made available. I was very impressed with everything, especially the vocals. Before proceeding I decided to hold off on listening to the original song. I wanted to be able to apply a very personal touch.

I could tell the song was done in a scale I wasn’t used to working with. I looked around on the internet for information about the song and happened on a source claiming the song was written in a scale I don’t remember the name of (as you can probably tell I’m self taught). Initially things worked out well. My version of the song was very basic in the beginning, consisting mostly of a bass, supporting synths here and there and the vocals. I’d made the bass very big so it filled out the middle frequencies. I thought everything sounded fantastic.

Eventually I realized, with the help of feedback from people in a Facebook group I’m in, that I needed to reduce the bass’ role in the track and have some chord work in there. At this point it felt almost like having to rewrite the whole thing because, after days of struggling, I just couldn’t get the chords to fit. They just sounded slightly off all the time. At some point I got fed up with it and figured maybe the information I’d found earlier was wrong. I happened to come across a video Georgia herself made where she played bits and pieces of the song and I saw that I was missing a note. I actually have a piece of paper with different scales and their moods on my desk. With the new information I realized the song was written in Lochrian Mode so it had been staring me in the face the whole time as this was listed on the paper mentioned. After that, everything just kind of clicked into place. I spent about 2-3 days just mixing everything, making sure the whole soundscape was balanced.