About the game

The game will feature classic gameplay with roguelite elements. This means every play session is unique and you will become more and more powerful as you go.

Wilford’s bank is threatening to take his house as he hasn’t been keeping up with his mortgage payments (which is understandable – most Wombats don’t have those). “Naturally” he jumps aboard his spaceship and goes mining in space so he can rid himself of his financial obligations.

Wilford started out as an entry into a game development competition called Ludum Dare where you create a small game over a weekend. From there I’m continuing development to make it into a fully fledged game. The game can be considered mainly inspired by the Bomberman series, but draws inspiration from many games both old and new.

Planned features

  • Explore 5 planets with varying enemies and natural obstacles
  • Blow up terrain and enemies with dynamite
  • Every playthrough is unique where you empower Wilford the way you want
  • Compete for a place on the high score list

Early access

For now the game is available on Steam as a free early access title. When the game is finished I will sell it for a very modest price. So grab the game while you can.

I welcome feedback with open arms and if I adopt your idea(s) I will add you to the credit list.


Justin Wood – awesome character design and intro art/animation

Where to play

I post updates the game on Twitter and on my Discord. The game can be gotten for free as long as it’s in early access. If you have any feedback I would love to hear it.