This album is a collection of everything I released between 2013 and 2017. I always find it interesting to hear where bands come from so I wanted to make my old stuff available as well. Some of these tracks also have significance to me.

The Need For Lightspeed (November 2014) was monumental for me in the way that it was one of the first tracks where I felt like I wasn’t just fooling around and it actually sounded like music. I remember feeling very proud of myself.

Bit Slapped (December 2014) was the first track anyone I knew would keep talking about. A friend mentioned it very frequently which made me happy. At the time of making it I remember trying to grasp what chord progressions were and the track was my playground for that attempt. I wanted to write something that was friendly to the ears and somehow the track ended up reminding me of the 1950s and especially the movie Back To The Future. So I rolled with it and did a guitar solo type of thing in the chorus. To be honest I wasn’t sure back then why the track seemed to work better than others but listening to it now I feel like I could probably explain why.

The Sculptor – by the time 2016 rolled around I was wanting to try and write lyrics. I’d researched how you could go about it and one of the things I remember thinking about was how art needs to be personal and relatable to touch people. For that reason I wrote a song inspired by things I was going through at the time. The theme was how much you can accomplish by working on yourself. At the same time I continued working with composition. The result was that, while on a roadtrip around Eastern Europe, my friends kept asking me to put this song on and it basically became the whole trips theme song. It felt like a massive step in the right direction for me.

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