As a kid my first computer (33 MHz, 4MB ram, no soundcard) came with a shareware version of a game called Doom. I’d heard about this game and suddenly there it was – right on my screen. I loved the game and played it constantly, and my love for the game hasn’t died. Due to being designed to be modified by players, it still has a very active community. As such, I was extremely intrigued when I came across a forum post where somebody was asking for composers for a massive level pack project. I was quickly on board and ended up writing a lot of music for it.

I was only able to write the music as midi music as it had to be compatible with as many versions of the game as possible. This means that all the modern tools I was used to were unavailable, so it was a very interesting challenge.

If you’re intrigued and want to play the levels yourself, you can download the level pack right here.

The background art in the album cover was done by talented Pawel Zarczynski.

Listen now: