About the track

In August I participated in an online workshop held by The Songwriting Academy. We were about ~60 participants, listening and working for about 9 hours 5 days in a row. It was an extremely rewarding event, and if you have an interest in music I highly recommend it. Following the event many of us created an online community where we could keep working together. We try to have a weekly writing prompt, and the first one inspired me to write this track. It would not have been possible without the feedback of my fellow writers and I ended up starting over at least 4 times. I consider this a good thing because every time there was something new that conveyed the song’s much better than the previous iteration.

The vocals were recorded by Allister Bradley.


Hear the track here directly, on your preferred streaming platform or on Soundcloud.


Verse 1
By the flower stand again
He pulls her in, gives her a rose
But it seems to me
It’s just a plant to her

If they spoke their mind
What would they find?

Unspoken words
Have consequences
How I wonder
Will I see them tomorrow?

New day, same routine again
She pulls him in, gives him gift
But it seems to me
It’s just a box to him